Pastor Lawrence Onochie is a very passionate man who has wholly dedicated his life to God to serve his generation. After being delivered from a delinquent lifestyle in 1987 through the ministry of Bishop Mike Okonkwo at TREM, he has been involved in various levels of ministry since then. In 1988, he pastored a fellowship called ‘The Royal Priesthood Family’; from 1989-1991 he pastured the ‘Youths Aflame Christian Outreach’ (YACO), a revolutionary youth ministry which was an amalgamation of three different youth ministries.

God used YACO to usher multitudes of young people into the kingdom, many of them are outstanding ministers and very successful business people scattered across the globe today. From 1991-1993 he served as the Pastor of ‘El-shaddai Club’, a campus fellowship where God used him and his team to redefine campus ministry in the eastern part of Nigeria with phenomenal exploits that still amazes many today.

From 1994, he served in the birthing process of House on the Rock and held various leadership responsibilities in the ministry thereafter, including:

  • Pastor in charge of the Music Ministry,
  • Coordinator, PETRA Coalition
  • Director of Counseling
  • Director of Missions

Among others.

At the fullness of time God spoke to him to move on and He sent several people who knew nothing about God’s dealing with him to come bear witness to the call to step out. Consequently, The King’s Heritage was born.

The King’s Heritage is deeply involved and committed to meeting the spiritual, mental and material needs of the people as demonstrated through their various outreach programmes under the Heritage Foundation. Because of his insatiable appetite to awaken the invincible force lying dormant in the lives of God’s people, Pastor Lawrence has featured in various seminars and conferences across the world including Nigeria, South Africa, and other parts of Africa and in Europe.

He is the author of several revolutionary books such as “Against All Odds”, “Beyond The Limits”, “Economic Empowerment”, among others.

Josephine Onochie is a renowned minister of the gospel whose ministry transcends gender barriers. She served as the youth pastor of Frontline Gospel Church as a teenager several years ago. In her university days at Edo State University, Ekpoma, she also served as the leader of the power house of the Believers’ Loveworld Fellowship (BLW). She later served as the assistant pastor of the Fountain of Praise campus fellowship in the same university.

She has an unusual teaching and preaching gift with a rare insight of the new creation in Christ, and this has opened doors of ministry for her in various conferences and seminars. She is the President of Covenant Women Ministry International, and the Co-Pastor of The King’s Heritage. She has a genuine gift of compassion which sometimes compels her to go beyond duty call to minister to the needs of the people at her own expense.

She has a great passion to see believers rise up and walk in their God-given authority in every aspect of their lives, and she is a mentor to several young ladies in ministry and in the business community. She presently heads the prayer arm of the ministry among other responsibilities.

She is happily married to Pastor Lawrence Onochie and they both live in Lagos presently with their son, Daniel.

Associate Pastors

  1. Rev. Kenneth Ezih
  2. Pastor Ben Uchegbu
  3. Pastor Victor Kabaku
  4. Pastor Clarice Obaseki
  5. Pastor Rachael Kabaku
  6. Pastor Emmanuel David Ayati
  7. Pastor Sola Imafojie